A second life for early Tesla Model S?

The new extended CPO program has been rolled out offering 2 year 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranties for higher mileage 2012 and early 2013 CPO Model S. With prices in the $30k to $40k range, these cars have been selling like hot cakes. Beyond the usual detailing and minor refurbishment, Tesla could improve the customer experience even further by offering some minor interior retrofits to these older cars to bring them up to par with the current interior.  Specifically Tesla could install the new premium front seats (multi-pattern black), new rear seats (“version 1.5” with tall headrests), integrated center console with rear cup holders and USB ports, high resolution dash screen, wood trim, and latest steering wheel (updated turn stalk, cruise control stalk, and gear shifter).  These changes would make the interior look and feel almost identical to the current 2017 “version 4” cars.  Tesla could offer the interior retrofit as a package for about $10,000, or perhaps a la carte $7,000 for the new seats and $3,000 for the other retrofits.  The new interior (especially the front seats and center console) is a significant improvement over the original interior and gives the car a much more functional, upscale, comfortable, plush, and substantial feel.  Rear cup holders and USB ports are a critical addition as well.

Old interior:

New interior: