Extended extended warranties.

The new extended CPO program seems to be a hit. Older high mileage Model S are offered with a 2 year, 100,000 miles bumper to bumper warranty.  But as service data from these older and higher mileage cars accumulate, Tesla should consider offering extended warranties beyond 8 years and 100,000 miles. One of the key talking points in favor of Tesla and EVs in general is their minimal maintenance needs.  Tesla should back up this claim by offering and selling an extended bumper to bumper warranty good for 10 years and 125,000 miles (including 10 years unlimited miles on the powertrain). As data continues to come in, they can adjust the warranty pricing and coverage to maintain revenue neutrality.  When the data supports it, they should next offer a 12 year and 150,000 miles warranty.  If a complete bumper to bumper warranty becomes unfeasible, at least Tesla should offer the option to buy additional coverage for the powertrain.