What billion (or trillion) dollar market will Tesla enter next?

Elon Musk has dropped so many clues over the last few years, it’s probably just a timing/priority issue why he hasn’t outright said it…

That’s right, Tesla will at some point in the near future actually produce and sell robots.  And not just factory robots, Tesla will produce highly programmable and customizable robots for many different markets (consumer, healthcare, military, emergency services, etc.,).  The years of robotic experience setting up gigafactories and the years of experience developing self-driving technology means Tesla can enter and then immediately dominate the robotics market at their leisure.  Elon Musk made some recent comments supporting universal basic income once robots take our current jobs.  What he didn’t mention was that Tesla will definitely be one of the key players in creating and selling those robots.

In 3 years time, Tesla will have produced over 1 million cars and have 4-5 gigafactories with thousands of the most advanced robots in existence.  Tesla will be the experts at robotics and robotics software (including computer vision, machine learning, etc.,).  It’s just a matter of time before Tesla Robotics joins the Tesla product portfolio.