UPDATED: Buy a new 2017 Tesla Model S for $69,500 and get $36,400 in free* upgrades!

Note: Updated to reflect inclusion of the Performance Inverter for cars ordered after 7/1/2017.  Updated to reflect inclusion of Premium Interior Lighting, Fog Lamps, and Smart Air Suspension for cars ordered after 7/22/2017.

It can be hard to keep track of all the changes Tesla has made to standard features, options, and pricing over the years, so let’s looks at how the new base 2017 Tesla Model S 75 compares to the old base 2013 Tesla Model S 60.  First, the 2017 Model S priced at $69,500 is $400 less expensive than the 2013 Model S which was priced at $69,900. Then there are numerous improvements and refinements to the car:

  • Autopilot 2.0 hardware and safety features (front and side collision warning and avoidance, blind spot warning, lane departure warning, speed limit display)
  • 3rd generation premium front seats, 12-way power adjustable and heated
  • 48 amp charger (instead of 40 amp)
  • 3-position LED dynamic turning headlights
  • Improved front fascia and aerodynamics
  • Improved instrument cluster screen
  • Improved rear camera
  • Improved sun visor and vanity mirrors
  • Improved rear seat headrests
  • Improved rear doors opening width
  • Improved chargeport door functionality
  • Decreased cabin noise
  • Air ionizer
  • 2 rear USB ports

But wait… There’s more!  *The following items are now standard but were previously paid upgrades:

  • Performance Inverter with 0-60mph acceleration time of 4.3 seconds (instead of 5.9 seconds) – $10,000
  • 75 kWh battery pack with 249 mile EPA range (instead of 60 kWh with 208 mile EPA range) – $8,500
  • Technology package (navigation with real-time traffic, auto-presenting door handles, power folding mirrors, homelink, driver profiles, daytime running lights, automatic liftgate) – $3,750
  • Premium Interior Lighting – $1,000
  • Fog Lights – $500
  • Smart Air Suspension – $2,500
  • Alcantara headliner – $1,500
  • Wood decor – $650
  • Supercharging – $2,000 (lifetime unlimited when referred by an owner)
  • Parking sensors – $500
  • Premium center console with rear cupholders – $1,250
  • Parcel shelf – $250
  • Glass roof – $1,500
  • Turbine-style aerodynamic 19” wheels – $2,500

Total value of upgrades – $36,400

In other words, not only is the base 2017 Model S $400 less expensive than the base 2013 Model S, it also comes with numerous improvements and refinements, plus $36,400 in free upgrades!

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