Cool things you can do with your Level 5 self-driving car.

What does life with a Level 5 self-driving car look like?

  1. You’re at a party.  You’re drunk.  You hop in your car, and it drives you home safely.  The car parks itself in your garage.  You’re so drunk you end up sleeping in your car until the morning.  Good thing it’s an electric car so you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning.
  2. You’re driving alone.  Your smartwatch detects a cardiac arrhythmia and informs your car.  You pass out. Your car takes over and drives you to the nearest ER.
  3. You have a business meeting in the morning, in a city 8 hours away.  Rather than take a flight, you just hop in your car in your pajamas, go to sleep, and your car drives you to your destination overnight.  It’s like having a chartered redeye flight, in your car.
  4. Your car drops you off at the restaurant and finds its own free parking spot several blocks away.  When you’re done eating, it picks you up in front of the restaurant.  No waiting.  No need to pay for valet.  It’s like having your own chauffeur.
  5. You’re hungry.  You order takeout, pay by credit card over the phone, and send your car to pick up the food.  When your car arrives at the restaurant, you tell the restaurant to put the food in the trunk which you can open and close via your phone app.
  6. You just got home and realized you forgot your jacket at your friend’s house.  You send your car to pickup your jacket.
  7. Your “friend” needs a ride to the airport, but prefer not to see your friend today so you send your car to give them a ride without you.
  8. You and your family are flying across the country for vacation.  Rather than rent a car at your destination, you just send your car a day or two early.  You send some of your luggage in your car.  Your car even picks you up from the airport when you arrive.
  9. Your teenager who is still learning to drive wants to go to a party and wants to pick up her friends on the way.  You say ok, as long as the car stays in autonomous mode (which it will because you disabled manual driving mode via your phone app).
  10. You can do real work (including video conferencing or computing) or not (sleeping, reading a book or newspaper, or watching TV or a movie) during your morning and afternoon commutes.