Speculation Update: $50,000 Tesla Model S and Interior Refresh

Late word that the $69,500 base Model S 75 will be discontinued as early as tomorrow. This would make the $74,500 Model S 75D the new base model, right?  No.  As we saw last time when Tesla discontinued the base Model S 60, they simultaneously lowered the price of the Model S 75.  So we can expect some similar pricing and trim adjustments. See prior post here.

Half of my prediction of the interior refresh came true.  See prior post here.  The Model S now has re-designed rear seats.  But where’s the dash redesign? My guess is tomorrow.

In short…

  • Model S 75 for $69,500 will be discontinued.
  • Model S 85D replaces Model S 75D at the same $74,500 price point, and now premium seats and premium upgrades package (previously $8,300) will be included for free.
  • Model S 100D also gets premium seats and premium upgrades package included in the $94,500 price point.  Maybe a performance bump to 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds as previously leaked on some Tesla inventory pages?
  • Model S 60D reintroduced at the $54,500 price point (probably without premium seats or premium package because they still need to make some money).  This new price point is needed due to upcoming loss of the federal tax credit, and to help divert some Model 3 reservations holders to Model S.
  • At some point, a re-introduced RWD Model S 60 for $49,500?
  • New dash with floating screen aesthetic to match the Model 3.